Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I'll Wait

somethings are better left unspoken.
sometimes, broken hearts are meant to make us strong.
sometimes, i wished i was stronger then what i thought.
some promises are meant to be broken.
some people comes into your life and left leaving a scar in the heart.
some things are better remain untouched.

things happen for a reason right?
i don't see why should i even stay mad at you.
what i know, all i need is your presence and yourself.
i don't understand why aren't we talking.
i don't understand why can't we just pretend that nothing happen?
i know where i stand in your life.
i know i am nowhere perfect.
i can't promise you wealth but for sure i can promise you happiness.
i can promise you that i will love, care and give you happiness as long i'm breathing.
i can promise you that i will make you the happiest person in life.
i can promise you that i will wait, even it takes months or even years.
cause i believe, you're the one that can complete this life of mine.
i believe that you can guarantee me happiness and put joy in my life.
i promise you i will be waiting, right here, patiently for you.
i don't mind spending my lonely night w/o ur text
but i mind spending my life w/o you around.
you gave me strength, you put smiles in my face, you made me feel i'm the happiest man in this world.
you complete me.
i don't mind if i have to think of you, everyday, even when i'm a sleep.
i don't mind if you are younger then me cause i believe age is just a number, right?
i don't mind waiting.
i don't mind waiting for you.
i dont mind waiting for you even if i'm lying on my death bed.
but i mind if you don't come and tell me its me that you want to be with.
i'll do anything, anything just to make you happy..
but please, don't even try to push or even stop me from loving / liking you.
i need you in my life :'(


  1. pelajaran dari patah hati adalah,.. mencintai itu harus tanpa pamrih


    1. Kalo aku, jangan pernah coba-coba bermain apa, atau kamu akan terbakar. :(


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